Gaudi Second World Congress Barcelona


The Congress presented to the scientific community a new history of Gaudí:

Presentation of unpublished studies, documents and works of Gaudí, focused, though not exclusively, in the Park Guell (World Heritage), Bellesguard and the latest research and innovations in architecture, structure, lighting, interior design, gastronomy , urban life and philosophy.

Giving to know Gaudí, all his values, solutions and practical applications in the XXI century, in fields such as architecture, engineering, design, business, creativity, tourism and audiovisual, among others.
New opportunities: MBA and other master’s degrees, university chairs, new areas of research. Recognition ceremony and tribute to all the international researchers.

According to the diverse areas of the lectures, potential targets are:

In the field of research, scholars and researchers of the works, the ideas and the historical, social, etc. environment of Antoni Gaudí and his fields of interest, from social affairs to sport, culture and spirituality. Those who wish to present lectures, communicate the results of their research or attend the Congress to know the status of the issue of Gaudí studies.

In the field of creativity, companies and organizations that work with models, methods, processes and systems, whether direct or derivatives of Gaudí.

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