Key Speakers

Adolfo Sotelo Vazquez (Barcelona)

(Madrid, 1953) is Professor of History of Spanish Literature at the University of Barcelona since 1993 and currently dean of the Faculty of Philology. principal investigator of the research project “History of Spanish literary critic (1868-1975)”, funded by the Ministry of Education, Universities, Research and Development. tasks contributes regularly to literary and artistic criticism for twenty years in La Vanguardia and has published articles in leading literary and hispanismo Spanish and foreign magazines.
He has edited works of Juan Valera, Perez Galdos, Leopoldo Alas “Clarin”, Miguel de Unamuno, Américo Castro, Camilo José Cela, Carmen Martin Gaite, etc. The fields are worked more narrative and criticism from 1868 to today and the Spanish poetry of the twentieth century. He is director of the Chair Camilo Jose Cela of Hispanic Studies at the University Camilo José Cela (Madrid) since December 2007. Among its most important recent publications include profiles Clarin (2001), Naturalism in Spain: critical and novel (2003) and Travellers in Barcelona (2005), the Art and Letters and other tests Francisco Giner (2007) and Camilo Jose Cela. Profiles of a writer (2008). It has in press a book about the travels of Benito Perez Galdos, and an anthology of interviews with Camilo Jose Cela, which is preparing a biography.