Honor Presidency

Josep Maria Martí Bonet

Historian, palaeographer and archivist

He has a PhD in the history of the church (Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome), a bachelor’s degree in theology (Pontifical University in Salamanca) and a diploma in palaeography, diplomatics and archival science (Secret Vatican Archive). He is the director of the Arxiu Diocesà in Barcelona, the Biblioteca Pública Episcopal and the Museu Diocesà in Barcelona, as well as the diocesan representative for artistic and documentary heritage at the Barcelona Archbishopric and curating canon at Barcelona cathedral.

He was a teacher and superior at the Seminari Menor in Barcelona. Since 1972 he has taught methodology and history of the church at the Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya. He also taught history of the church and the patrologia at the Institut Superior de Ciències Religioses in Barcelona. He is a member of the Institut de Teologia in Barcelona, a teacher at the Aula per a Gent Gran at the University of Barcelona, a teacher at the Escuela de Documentalistas in Madrid and for the master’s courses in archival science at the universities of Barcelona and Madrid.

He was director of the Secretariat Interdiocesà de Custòdia i Promoció de l’Art Sacre and deputy representative of the Conferència Episcopal Tarraconense on the Catalan government–church coordinating committee for cultural heritage and president of the Asociación de Archiveros de la Iglesia en España.

He was also a member of the Comissió Assessora d’Arxius de la Generalitat, the Consell de Cultura de Catalunya, the joint Spain–church committee, the Junta de Museus de Catalunya, the board of the Monestir de Sant Cugat, the advisory board of the Monestir de Pedralbes, the editorial board of Hispania Sacra, Taüll and Analecta Sacra Tarraconensis journals and the Fundació Soler i Palet in Terrassa and the Junta de Museus de Terrassa, as well as president of the Fundació Sanabre de Barcelona and a member of the Fundación Tavera , a member of the Historical Ecclesiastical Institute in Rome, and a member and president of the Institut Amatller d’Art Hispànic.

He was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi and, as Terrassenc de l’Any 1978, he received the Medalla d’Or from the Amics dels Museus de Catalunya, the Sant Ramon de Penyafort Prize, the Palau – Scientific Research Award and gold medals from antiquarians and collectors in Catalonia, the Centre de Filatèlics de Catalunya and the Cercle Artístic del Liceu in Barcelona.

He has curated museum collections of documents linked to Antoni Gaudí and helped promote his life and work through a large number of exhibitions and publications.