Organizing Committee

Lourdes Cirlot Valenzuela

Art theorist, art historian and researcher

Vice-rector for institutional relations and culture at the University of Barcelona. She has a PhD in art history from the Geography and History Department at the University of Barcelona, where she is a professor in art history. She was vice-dean of the Geography and History Department and director of the Art History Department at the University of Barcelona.

Her work explores different aspects of 20th- and 21st-century art. She has published several books on avant-garde art movements, as well as many papers for specialist journals and contemporary art anthologies. Her interests in art history encompass a wide range of ages and subjects, focusing mainly on 20th- and 21st-century art. Her 20th-century research centres on Catalan art, Spanish art and, above all, international avant-garde movements such as Dadaism, surrealism, abstract art and pop art. In 1999, after setting up the Art, Architecture and Digital Society research group, she began to focus on the subject of new media and digital technologies from a multidisciplinary perspective, exploring their effect on contemporary society and culture. Within this field, she has carried out research at the University of Barcelona’s Virtual Museum and helped organise international conferences and seminars on the subject.

Over the course of her academic career, she has published work in a number of books and journals in several languages (Spanish, English and Catalan). The University of Barcelona has presented her research findings at international congresses. In recognition of her contribution to the scientific community, she was awarded the Medalla d’Or from the Pharmacy Department at the University of Barcelona in 2011.

She is the daughter of Catalan poet and art critic Juan Eduardo Cirlot, and the sister of medieval culture and literature scholar Victoria Cirlot. The two sisters worked together on the exhibitions El mundo de Juan Eduardo Cirlot, at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern in 1996, and Juan Eduardo Cirlot, l’habitació imaginària, at Arts Santa Mònica in 2011. In the 1950s, Gaudí was ignored by Catalan culture and Juan Eduardo Cirlot was one of the few voices championing his work. Dr Cirlot has continued her father’s work by carrying out scientific research and promoting the work of this remarkable architect.