Scientific Committee

Manuel Medarde Sagrera

Archaeologist and engineer

Archaeologist and a PhD candidate in prehistory and ancient history at the University of Barcelona. He studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Catalonia.

He is secretary of the International Committee at the Colònia Güell, curator of the crypt at the Colònia Güell and lecturer at the Centre Internacional d’Estudis del Patrimoni Construït at the Escola d’Enginyers de Camins at the Technical University of Catalonia, and teaches specialist courses at the Museu Egipci in Barcelona.

His has spent his professional career working as an engineer at Ing. C. Olivetti & Co., SpA, and as an archaeologist at the Servei de Patrimoni Arquitectònic at Barcelona Provincial Council. He has written several publications on Antoni Gaudí and helped restore preeminent works by Gaudí such as the Palau Güell and the crypt at the Colònia Güell. He currently heads the research group on Gaudí’s Torre de Bellesguard.

Together with three other founding members of The Gaudí Research Institute, he has curated several exhibitions on Antoni Gaudí, including Gaudí, l’home i la seva obra. Any Gaudí; Gaudí parla; Gaudí, el triomf de l’arquitectura moderna. Centenari de l’església de la Colònia Güell; L’església de la Colònia Güell. El primer temple de Gaudí, la recuperació d’una obra mestra; Gaudí’s Studio; GaudíLab; and Gaudí únic.