Scientific Committee

Pere Jordi Figuerola Rotger

Historian and museologist

He graduated in geography and history from the University of Barcelona and has a diploma in museology from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture.

He has taught postgraduate and master’s courses on cultural heritage didactics at the University of Barcelona and Ramon Llull University and given Gaudí workshops at the University of Barcelona.

For over 30 years he has been curator of the Barcelona Archbishopric at the Diocesan Museum in Barcelona. He has coordinated and written over 200 collections and publications. He was artistic curator of the Catalan pavilion at the Seville Expo and of the Abraham Centre at the Barcelona Olympic Games. He has also curated some 100 exhibitions, including ones to mark the 22nd Congress of International Association of Bibliophiles; Cervantes en el Mediterraneo; Art Coiffure; Albéniz, artista y mecenas; and Federico Beltrán Massés, un pintor en la corte de Hollywood. He was also technical coordinator for shows including Thesaurus, el arte en los obispados de Cataluña; Millenum, historia y arte de la Iglesia catalana; La mujer del cuadro, the Viktor Elliot Collection; and La Ben Plantada, el Noucentisme (1906-2006). He also coordinated IT programming projects for institutions such as the Archivo de la Conferencia Episcopal Española, the Catalan Parliament Library, the University of Barcelona’s Institut del Pròxim Orient Antic and the Arxiu Diocesà de Barcelona (Gaudí collection).

Together with three other founding members of The Gaudí Research Institute, he has curated a number of exhibitions on Gaudí, including Gaudí, el hombre y su obra. Año Gaudí; Gaudí habla; Gaudí, el triunfo de la arquitectura moderna. Centenario de la iglesia de la Colònia Güell; La iglesia de la Colònia Güell. El primer templo de Gaudí, la recuperación de una obra maestra; Gaudí’s Studio; GaudíLab; and Gaudí único.