Ferran Adrià will attend the Gaudí 1st World Congress Barcelona 2014


19 June 2014 – Ferran Adrià, the undeniable world leader in creativity and innovation, will present his latest culinary creations based on the works of the great Antoni Gaudí.

The Gaudí 1st World Congress Barcelona 2014 (Barcelona, 6-10 October) has been consolidated as the first international conference devoted exclusively to research on the life and work of Antoni Gaudí. The best world specialists will present, for the first time, their theories and discoveries resulting from decades of study, considering a new way of approximation to the genius. This multidisciplinary Congress will talk about a wide range of subjects, and one of them will be Gastronomy.

The Gaudí Research Institute, co-organizer of the Congress, works with much information about Gaudi’s culinary habits, from his childhood at Mas de la Calderera, Riudoms (Tarragona), until his later years at the Sagrada Familia. Information about the meals he shared with the world elite at Palau Güell in Barcelona, during the celebration of the Universal Exhibition in 1888, or at Colònia Güell, both with count Güell and the workers. In short, they work with information about his habits and customs throughout the different stages of his life.

In terms of Creativity – one of the fields the event is organised around – The Gaudí World Congress Barcelona 2014 will show companies and organizations from various sectors, which work with models, methods and systems direct or derived from Gaudí. In this sense, its maximum international ambassador, Ferran Adrià, will represent the gastronomy.

Ferran Adrià has been the Chef and co-owner of the Spanish restaurant El Bulli (Cala Montjoi, Girona), which has received the highest gastronomic distinctions: Best Restaurant in the World for 5 years. The restaurant definitely closed its doors in 2011, to become a foundation dedicated to promote culinary creativity named Bullifoundation.

As a member of the Creative Committee, Adrià will display his latest innovations in creativity, cuisine and its relationship with the methods of Gaudí. They are two creative minds very distant in time, but close in their method of creation: observing, reasoning, and create. A constant research on innovation and creativity places them at a higher level, far from the canons of architecture or cuisine standards.

The “Gaudí dinner” scheduled for 6-7 October, will be served at El Café la Pedrera, a restaurant located on the mezzanine floor of Casa Milà, one of the main works of Gaudí in Barcelona, popularly known as “La Pedrera”. The “Gala dinner” scheduled for the 8th October and the catering offered at the University during the days of the Congress, will also be borne by the El Café de la Pedrera.