We are delighted to present the Second Congress devoted exclusively to research on the life and work of Antoni Gaudí.

Its global approach is based on the many different areas into which this universal genius delved during his lifetime.

Leading world specialists will, for the first time, share their very latest discoveries, as well as those accumulated over decades of research and development.

These discoveries reveal Gaudí to be a truly multidisciplinary creator on a par with the great geniuses of the Renaissance.

Below you will find a brief summary of the areas to be covered:

Acoustics; Architecture; Art; Ceramics; Chemistry; Chromatology; Cinema; Codesign; Cooperativism; Corporations and Business; Coworking; Craft; Design; Ecology; Energy Efficiency; Engineering; Gastronomy; Geometry; Health; Holistics; Illumination; Just In Time; Landscaping; Logistics; Mathematics; Modelling; Music; Naturalism; Networking; Photography; Physics; R+D+I; Recycling; Social Rights; Sport; Stained Glass Work; Sustainability; Symbolism; Teaching; Town Planning; Tridimensionality.


The Congress will serve as a platform for specialists to interact in a multidisciplinary context to provide:

  • unprecedented scientific research
  • contemporary construction, design and management applications
  • worldwide diffusion and impact

This event aims to have an international impact and launch new lines of technological, creative and business research worldwide. It is aimed at individuals, corporations, universities and research centres, including social, art and cultural researchers and historians, professionals from the worlds of architecture, town planning and industrial and creative design, supply professionals and corporations, facility, energy and sustainability engineers and technicians, creators of light structures and mathematical application and 3D IT academics, among others.

This is the goal of a new approach to the genius of Gaudí, to be opened up to the world through research.