Genís Àvila Casademont (Barcelona, Spain)

Expert in architecture

Ávila genís Casademont is an architect in 1998 and a doctorate in architecture in 2015 from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, with a doctoral thesis on “The Pinnacles of the Holy Family”. Since 1998 he is a professor at the School of Architecture of Vallés UPC, as a member of the Department of Graphic Expression, with varying degrees of dedication, as tutor in an associate.

It is part of the research group AR & M-Architecture: Representation and Modeling member and co-founder of CAIRAT, paying particular attention to the ongoing specialized training focused on courses to improve teaching skills.

He has published several articles, including “Method for the restitution of conical perspectives on cylindrical shield covering” diorama “for the exhibition” The New Barcelona GATEPAC “collaborated in chapters of the book” Gaudí Invisible “,” Gaudí’s search form “and made numerous images and explanatory videos for museums and publications.