Key Speakers

  • Genís Àvila Casademont (Barcelona, Spain)

    The pinnacles at Bellesguard and Park Guell, kindred spirits

    Genís Àvila Casademont is arquitect since 1998 and doctorized arquitect in 2015 by the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)

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  • Jordi Bonet Armengol (Barcelona)

    Last documented facts of Antoni Gaudí

    Director and coordinator of the work on the Sagrada Família in Barcelona from 1985 to 2012. He is currently emeritus director and coordinator of the church and travels worldwide to promote Gaudí’s work.

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  • Berthold Burkhardt (Braunschweig, Germany)

    The conservation of a World Heritage Site: the case of Park Guell

    Professor emeritus and director of the Institute of Structural Engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig. Spokesman for ICOMOS Monitoring Group in Germany. Consultant and advisor to the Wüstenrot Foundation.

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  • Adolfo Sotelo Vazquez (Barcelona)

    Antoni Gaudi based on papers of Son Armadans

    (Madrid, 1953) is Professor of History of Spanish Literature at the University of Barcelona since 1993 and currently dean of the Faculty of Philology. principal investigator of the research project "History of Spanish literary critic (1868-1975)", funded by the Ministry of Education, Universities, Research and Development.

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  • Michiko Matsukura (Japan)

    1924: Bone in Kobe, Hyogo-ken, Japan
    1942: Graduated from Hyogo Prefectural Girls` Highschool
    1946: Got Married to Yasuo Matsukura
    1951: Entered
    1953: Graduated from Osaka City Institute of Nutrition University Nutrition School

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  • Lourdes Cirlot Valenzuela (Barcelona)

    Personal approach to the work of Gaudí: books and texts of Juan-Eduardo Cirlot

    Art theorist, art historian and researcher. She has a PhD in art history from the Geography and History Department at the University of Barcelona, where she is a professor in art history.

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  • Pere Jordi Figuerola Rotger (Barcelona)

    The projects held by The Gaudí Research Institute and presentation of unpublished images of Gaudí's workshop in Colonia Guell

    He graduated in geography and history from the University of Barcelona and has a diploma in museology from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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  • Joan M. Seguí (Barcelona)

    Geometric and astronomical analysis through the Nativity Façade’s rose window at the Sagrada Familia Temple

    Pre-doctoral student of the Predepartmental Architecture Unit of the Rovira i Virgili University.

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  • Shelley Krishna Tsang

    The view from China of Gaudi and Western culture

    Shelley Krishna Tsang is the Founder and Chairman of SIGNATURE Group, which integrates a wide range of family business including Energy and Raw materials, Aviation and Marine Services, Agribusiness and Food Chains, International Trade, Infrastructures and Real Estates, Culture and Lifestyles, Finance and Asset Management, etc.

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  • Beatrix Fröis

    Form follows light? The Catalan vault at Bellesguard!

    Bea Fröis studied Architecture at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. She graduated with the Master’s Thesis, „Gaudí’s unfinished church in the Colonia Güell, - an attempt at a reconstruction according to the urban context”.

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  • Albert Samper (Barcelona)

    The geometry in the entrance arch of the Guell Palace

    Professor and access researcher to SECTI of the Predepartmental Architecture Unit of the Rovira i Virgili University.

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  • Mª Eugenia García Bermejo (Madrid)

    A text to preserve on the serpentine bench of Park Güell

    Currently she is researching the Park Guell Bank to present a Communication at the 2016 World Congress Barcelona Gaudí.

    Pre-enrolled in the Ph.D. in U.C.M.

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  • Alberto T. Estévez (Barcelona)

    The reconstruction of house Graner from the Park Guell and Bellesguard

    Alberto T. Estévez (Barcelona, 1960), Architect (UPC, 1983), Architecture Ph.D. of Sciences (UPC, 1990), Art Historian (UB, 1994), Art History Ph.D. of Arts (UB, 2008): With professional office of architecture and design (Barcelona, 1983-today).

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  • Guillem Carabí Bescós (Barcelona)

    Gaudí seen through Bellesguard´s vertical section

    Doctorized in arquitecture by the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura - International University of Catalonia

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  • David Agulló Galilea (Barcelona)

    Gaudí's footprint in the old Mental Hospital of Sant Boi de Llobregat

    Arquitect and researcher of many studies on the modernist Gaudi in Barcelona.

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  • Blas Herrea (Barcelona)

    The geometry in the entrance arch of the Guell Palace

    Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Engineering at the University Rovira i Virgili.

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  • Maria Antonietta Crippa (Milan, Italy)

    The continuity of forms and fluidity of space Gaudi dialogue with the history and nature

    Architect, Full Professor at the Politecnico of Milan, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU), School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering.

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  • Verena Darnai (Bregenz, Austria)

    Unanswered questions and unsolved riddles of the church of Colonia Guell

    1981 born in Bregenz, Austria; Since 2001 studying architecture in Innsbruck, Austria; 2004 participation in the project “The reconstruction of the Church in the Colonia Güell” at University of Innsbruck, Austria.

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  • Benedetta Tagliabue (Barcelona)

    Architect of projects like the Park Diagonal Mar, the rehabilitation of Santa Caterina market in Barcelona and the new office tower for Gas Natural. She has also taken projects in many countries of Europe as the new Scottish Parliament.

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  • Leonid Demyanov (Moscow, Russia)

    The model of strings to the architecture of stone, brick and stone structures in the church of Colonia Guell

    Director of the Architecture Faculty of University of Geodesy State and Cartography in Moscow, where he carried out research for the future exploration of planets and satellites for Russian planetary missions.

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  • Nicolas Descharnes (Perré, Azay le Rideau, França)

    Gaudí and Dalí: a spiritual ascent to genius

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  • Ana Mª Ferrin Jaraquemada (Madrid, España)

    Gaudí in the Park Guell. Mysteries and Secrets

    Writer. Antonio Gaudí biographer and Josep Maria Subirachs, the sculptor of the facade "the Passion" of the Sagrada Familia. He is also the author of several books on Gaudí theme with stories of the architect and his collaborators.

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  • Rainer Graefe (Innsbruck, Austria)

    The architect Friedrich W. Gosling (1837-1899), a German Gaudí?

    Honorary doctor at the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). He was professor and dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Innsbruck, director of the Institute of Architecture History and Conservation, and founder and director of the Archive for Architecture and Structural Engineering at the University of Innsbruck.

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  • Luis Gueilburt (Barcelona)

    The spring of water Sarva, the use of water resources in the work of Gaudí and the Park Güell

    Designer and restorer of many of the works of Gaudi in Barcelona such as Park Güell and responsible for the research line "Gaudí and Catalan Modernism, architectural and artistic style of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

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  • Conrad Kent (Delaware, USA)

    Park Guell: the balance of secular and sacred

    Ph.D. Harvard University. Professor Emeritus of Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities/Classics, Ohio Wesleyan University. Author of studies on Park Güell and El Capricho, Claudio López and Eusebio Güell, the Joan Grau´s Astorga palace, Gaudí´s medievalism, and the public spaces of Barcelona.

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  • Anton Lyubimkin (Moscow, Russia)

    Design variants in the planning of the church of Colonia Güell

    1987 born in Sverdlovsk, USSR; 2003-2009 studying architecture in MARKHI, Moscow; 2008-2009 studying architecture at ENSA d'Architecture de Marseille.

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  • Katja Lyubimkina (Moscow, Russia)

    New studies on the daylight and color in the Church of Colonia Guell

    1986 born in Moscow, USSR; 2003-2009 studying architecture in MARKHI, Moscow; 2008-2009 studying architecture at ENSA de Marseille.

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  • Manuel Medarde Sagrera (Colonia Güell)

    Bellesguard, twenty centuries of history

    Archaeologist and a PhD candidate in prehistory and ancient history at the University of Barcelona. He studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Catalonia.

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  • Jan Molema (Delft, Holanda)

    Gaudí, eggs and towers

    PhD in engineering, he is a researcher professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), member of the Sant Jordi Catalan Royal Academy of Arts, professor at the University of Gestalt Xalapa (Veracruz).

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  • Anna Mollet Guilera (Barcelona)

    Conservation and management of Bellesguard

    Manager of Antoni Gaudí’s Torre Bellesguard and a founding member of the Bellesguard research team as head of images and audiovisuals. She also wrote the guide to the Torre Bellesguard.

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  • Arnau Puig Grau (Barcelona)

    Debate on "Architecture and Urban Life"

    Lecturer and professor emeritus of aesthetics and composition of the School of Architecture of Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Honorary member of the Sant Jordi Catalan Royal Academy of Arts.

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  • Dídac Ramírez Sarrió (Barcelona)

    Closing ceremony

    He has a PhD in philosophy and education sciences and a PhD in economic and business sciences from the University of Barcelona. He is an economics lecturer and professor.

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  • Pia Subias Pujadas (Barcelona)

    The industrial arts of fire and concrete in Bellesguard, transmiters of Gaudi´s thinking

    She graduated in art history from the University of Barcelona and specialised in Modernisme. She is the granddaughter of art historian Joan Subias i Galter.

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  • Salvador Tarragó Cid (Barcelona)

    The structure and form relationship at Gaudi´s Bellesguard Tower

    Director of the Master’s in Architecture Monuments Restoration at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia for over 25 years. Professor of urban planning at the Department of Transport Infrastructure and Territory at the Technical School of Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports of Barcelona at the same university.

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  • Josep Maria Tarragona Clarasó (Barcelona)

    Unveiling an unpublished work of Gaudí

    A biographer of Antoni Gaudí. His career as an author and historian has produced several monographs and articles about Gaudí. You can read many of them on his website

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  • Josep M. Martí Bonet (Barcelona)

    Gaudí Evocations of his disciples and admirers in the days after his death

    He has a PhD in the history of the church (Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome), a bachelor’s degree in theology (Pontifical University in Salamanca) and a diploma in palaeography, diplomatics and archival science (Secret Vatican Archive).

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  • Tokutoshi Torii (Kanagawa, Japan)

    Enigma of a calculation of Gaudí on the photographic collection of Jean Laurent

    Professor at Kanagawa University. He lived in Spain for ten years, studying Spanish architecture, especially Gaudí, and has become one of the leading Gaudí specialists worldwide.

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