Starts the gaudi world congress in Shanghai!

The Second World Congress on Gaudí, a biennial meeting of world experts on the great Catalan architect whose first edition was held in 2014 at the University of Barcelona (UB), today took its first step into the world stage, in the Chinese city of Shanghai .

The Congress, which this year brings together about 25 experts from around the world in the figure of Antonio Gaudi, and many other experts in architecture and fine arts Chinese held from this year divided into two locations: Shanghai and Barcelona.

From today until Thursday 23, this appointment will try to enter Gaudí’s work, and its subsequent influence in the last century of world architecture, in the minds of those responsible for the sector in China.

Barcelona will be held from 5 to 7 October, the regular meeting, more focused on the latest research and specific analysis of several works of Gaudí in Catalonia.

To the surprise of many in China, the influence of the creative vision of Gaudí in the architecture of the last century is almost everywhere, far beyond what meets the eye, as told Efe architect Benedetta Tagliabue today.

“It’s amazing how Gaudí was a great teacher, but has not been seen until years after the great influence it has until now, because a hundred years later is able to continue to influence new generations who are making the architecture more avant-garde” he claimed.

“Even the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai, much like the sketches he made for a possible Gaudí hotel in New York, the great metropolis that might not have imagined,” he said. And it is curious that “at the end of a similar building was created in Dubai, the metropolis unimaginable a hundred years ago.”

Today, he said, “is being a very Gaudí’s architecture, although it is perhaps called something else,” especially now that technology allows working with high precision with geometric and natural concepts developed Gaudí almost handmade.

“China needs this kind of knowledge,” he said, and also said that the congress will help disseminate, as yet no Chinese experts Gaudí, but there are architects influenced by him, as the recent Chinese Wang Shu Pritzker prize.

For Congress, said the founder of the Research Institute of Gaudí UB, Pere Jordi Figuerola, be in Shanghai is “an opportunity”, since in architecture “Right now, along with the Emirates, and some US; China slightly less than the center of the universe “.